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LEFANEV Type 2 to SCHUKO Plug EV Portable Charger IEC 62196-2 Charging Box with Charging Time Delay Function, 10/16A, 6.5M

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Product description
Product description
Set charging time delay
The charger can set charging time delay and charging time duration. Then the charger can start charging when the electricity bill is favorable to avoid wasting too much electricity at peak hours.

Current and voltage switching
The 2-stage EV charger has two switchable 10 / 16A currents. You can select the primary charging speed or secondary charging speed for your car to shorten the charging time.

Memory function
By default, the last charging setting is used (only the charging current setting is retained). According to the battery status, you can select the most suitable charging current and charging time for the car. It is absolutely convenient and smart! (Note: When you replace a new plug, please check if the plug matches the charging current).

Quality and safety guarantee
CE certification, IP65 protection degree, the charger is waterproof and dustproof; There is an intelligent chip inside, which can automatically correct internal errors. Problems that can't be fixed will be displayed directly on the LED display to attract your attention.

1-Year Warranty
LEFANEV products have a 1-year warranty. If you have any problems with the product, please contact our service team. Satisfactory solutions are promised.