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LEFANEV Type 2 Current Switchable Portable EV Charger with Touch Screen, EV Charging Cable with 5 Power Plug, 2-16KW

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Product description
Product description
Fast Charging
With maximum power 16KW, this current switchable portable EV charger can meet your need of less charging time. And it has two modes of single and three-phase. In the single phase mode, the current can be set between 6-32Amp (1.3-7kw); In the three-phase mode, the power can be set between 6-24Amp (4-16KW).

Five Power Plug
This portable EV charging box comes with five power plugs: Schuko (1P), CEE 16A (1P), CEE 32A (1P), CEE 16A (3P) and CEE 32A (3P). They can be connected to the charger via the adapter. The charger will intelligently recognize different plugs, automatically select single-phase or three-phase charging mode, and set the maximum charging current to ensure safe use.

Touch Screen
Designed with sensitive touch screen, this EV charging box is much easier to use than the chargers with buttons. All operations can be completed via the touch screen. You can set the charging current and charging time on the screen. And then your car will be charged with the set current at the specified time.

More Protection
This type 2 EV charging box have over current protection, over voltage protection, under voltage protection, Type A + 6mA RCD leakage protection, overheating protection, waterproof IP66 and other safety measures, they can have your car safely charged and avoid fire.

1-Year Warranty
LEFANEV products have a 1-year warranty. If there's any issue with the product, please contact our service team. Satisfactory solutions are promised.