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11.22.2019 | lefanev | Tips for charging electric cars




This morning, in the Tesla car owners group, a friend said that the remaining mileage of her car fell from 30 kilometers to 7 kilometers in one night. She was worried

about whether she could charge to the charging station. This made me suddenly interested in the topic of nighttime voyage. So I did a survey on each platform and summarized it for your reference.

In the winter, it is normal for the electric power consumption of the electric vehicle to increase significantly at night. But if you can do it in your heart, you can reduce your anxiety about using your car.

The following are the sharing of electric car owners:

1. From 11 o'clock last night to 7 o'clock this morning, parked outdoors, from 30 kilometers to 7 kilometers.

2, my 100 degrees, stopped the library a few days ago, 1-2 degrees a day.

3. I can't see Tesla.

4, not how to fall.

5, minus 5 degrees, put a night power down 20 km battery life. The GAC GE3 for half a year was fine for one night.

6, 24 hours a day, 10 kilometers off.

7, Yuan ev360, can't fall.

Under normal circumstances, almost all electric vehicles have electricity, that is, when the remaining battery life is 0, it can still run a distance. Take the Natsra car as an example. When the display is 0, keep driving at a low speed and running at a constant speed. It is no problem to run more than 20 kilometers. If you are in a big city, it is enough to drive to the supercharge station. Therefore, even if the expressive life is not enough, the owners do not have to worry, and calmly and slowly open to the nearest charging station.