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Will I burn if I do n’t pull out the charging gun for a month?
12.19.2019 | lefanev | Tips for charging electric cars

Netizen: Hello

Netizen: I want to ask about the home charging station

Netizen: If I do n’t pull the charging point for a month, will it burn?

Editor:. . . . . . . . . .

Editor: Good question

Netizens :. . .

Editor: Since our conversation will be shared online, I ca n’t answer too casually

Editor: If we were chatting at the dinner table today, I might say that it is okay not to pull out, and spontaneous combustion has nothing to do with this matter. But as an official statement, I dare not say so

Editor: The first thing to be clear is that the charging process is completely dominated by the vehicle's BMS. The charging station is like a well. Whether a passenger chooses to take only one scoop or drink to break his belly is determined by the passenger. This is also the case for the vehicle. The vehicle has a battery management system. The decision whether to "overcharge" is not whether the gun is pulled or not, but whether the vehicle is in a normal state and the BMS is working

Netizen: oh understand

Editor: But one thing to note is that if the vehicle does not pull out the charging gun for one month, it happens to spontaneously ignite. I don't know what the insurance company would think about it. Although in principle we can say that spontaneous combustion has nothing to do with pulling the gun, but if you take insurance, they go to the property company to check the surveillance video and find that you have not pulled the charging gun for a month, I am afraid that it will cause you to be at fault

Netizen: Ah?

Netizen: Really?

Netizen: What makes sense?

Editor: Self-protection is very important, watch out

Editor: Charging usually goes from low battery to 70 to 80 per cent quickly, and then slows down. The last 3% of trickle protection can wear out. When fully charged, a working BMS will cut off power. If something goes wrong, it won't take a month, ten minutes is enough to spontaneously ignite.

Editor: However, the conclusion is that the charging gun must still be pulled in time.

Netizen: Perfect explanation

Netizens: God logic, hahaha

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