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How to Choose an EV Charging Station?
12.24.2019 | lefanev | Tips for charging electric cars


Charging station brands have their own characteristics, and the differences are nothing more than the specifications of the charging plug, the charging power and the time of charging, but not all brands of charging piles can meet consumer charging needs. How to choose a charging pile on the market for charging. Current new energy vehicle charging interfaces are divided into various interfaces such as IEC 62196, Combo, Mennekes, CEE, SAE J1772, and even some charging piles are still one car per pile, which can only meet the charging of one model, so the charging interface is mixed Situation. When buying new energy vehicles, we must try to choose a uniform standard charging interface. This is also for the convenience of using the car in the future.

SAE J1772 and IEC 62196


First, when an electric car is charged for the first time, it needs to be charged according to the instructions. These instructions detail the parameters, adaptation current and charging time of the car battery for your reference. This prevents everyone from being charged during the charging process. Problems such as time may damage the battery.(32A/7.7KW EV Charger)

Secondly, when charging a car for the first time, it is necessary to choose a suitable charging station for charging the car. Different vehicle battery coefficients and interfaces may have different differences. Therefore, when choosing a charging pile, everyone needs to charge the charging pile. Check if it meets the requirements and matches the interface of your vehicle. In addition, you need to query the output of the charging pile, such as voltage and current, to see if they match. In addition, everyone needs to determine the safety of the charging pile, whether it is lightning proof, whether it is smooth enough and has no short circuit, and also needs to prevent overloading, because if there are a bunch of problems with charging, the battery damage is irreversible, so everyone Be careful. (32A/7.7KW Wall Charger)





Finally, when charging for the first time, it is best to choose slow charging, because electric cars are not the first time. Usually, the maximum power of the car is not reached during use. If you use fast charging or fast charging during the charging process, the charging will cause some damage to the battery, and in the subsequent charging process, there may be dissatisfaction with the charging, which will shorten the battery life and affect everyone's ride Car experience. Therefore, everyone must pay attention. (16A/3.68KW EV Charger)

All in all, the first charge of a car is actually a relatively important one. First, you can familiarize yourself with the charging process of your car. Second, you can learn about the time and maintenance required to charge a car battery. Charging piles can also be aware of these.

Comparison of Charging Options